Will Shea
Senior Advisor
Class of 2022
Hometown: Mount Olive, NJ

Hi! My name is Will, I am a Senior Television, Radio, Film major from Mount Olive, New Jersey. I have worked as the Executive Producer for the show On The Bench, which is essentially SportsCenter for all Division-1 Syracuse sports. In the past, I have also worked as Sports Director at CitrusTV, Associate Producer of Orange Press Pass, and an Associate Producer of Tuesday News. Currently I am also one of a few cleared Technical Directors at the station and one of only two people with the ability to train and clear new Tech Directors. Outside of CitrusTV I work a lot with the Newhouse Sports Media Center and ACC Network. I’m always around and eager to help people with whatever they might need in CitrusTV or outside of it, so if you have a question or need anything feel free to text me at 201-815-9563!