Live from Studio D…

Sunday morning, Juice & Java, Syracuse University’s only morning talk show, completed filming in the new Dick Clark Studios at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications here at SU. As many may already be aware, Newhouse recently completed a large renovation project resulting in 5 brand new studios. In past seasons, Juice & Java has partnered with The Orange Television Network (OTN) to use their equipment in production of their show. Now, with new small studios right across the hall from OTN’s offices, Juice & Java was able to produce with ease.

Previously, the crew would have had to setup cameras, lighting, audio, and more in another room in the Newhouse complex. Now, production is as simple as coming into the studio and turning on the lights (Maybe not quite that simple, but it’s a lot easier…). CitrusTV and OTN are proud to have produced the first show utilizing the auxiliary studios on the second floor of the Newhouse Studio & Innovation Center. As time goes on, the staff of Juice & Java plans to work toward a more aesthetically pleasing set and will of course continue to work out the kinks always present in any new systems and studio.

Juice & Java fills you up with everything Syracuse University once every other week. From right here on the hill, Juice & Java highlights events and groups on campus and in the Syracuse community. Catch Juice & Java on the Orange Television Network, Tuesdays at 10 a.m.

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