Every spring at our annual banquet, CitrusTV honors a graduating senior who has made a positive and lasting impact on the station as a whole during their time as a member. Members are nominated and voted on by the CitrusTV Executive Staff.

2004 Greg Abernathy
2005 Angelo Di Carlo
2006 Cristina Redondo
2007 Marian Seat
2008 Fabian Westerwelle
2009 Gordon Brookes
2010 Wes Purvis
2011 Christina Orazio
2012 Bill Sharp
2013 Ben Slutzky
2015 Nick Cardona
2016 Gabriella Rusk
2017 Kevin Ryans
2018 Nick Ross
2019 Matthew Wieselthier
2020 Ally Heath
2021 Caitlin Allsopp
2022 Ricky Sayer
2023 Ryan Nelson
2024 Nicole Aponte