Liam Crowley
Entertainment Director
Class of 2022
Hometown: Braintree, MA

Liam Crowley is a junior studying Broadcast and Digital Journalism at Syracuse University. He always knew he wanted to do broadcasting since he was young, but he didn’t truly fall in love with it until joining CitrusTV. In his freshman year, Liam joined Unpeeled as the Music Reporter and has never looked back. Today, Liam contributes to both the News and Entertainment Departments, where he is a day reporter for News Live at 6 and the Industry Reporter for Unpeeled. As Entertainment Director, Liam hopes to increase the department’s social media presence and have occasional crossovers within the department’s programs. Outside of the newsroom, you can find Liam forcing Marvel movie references into everyday conversations, marathoning Disney Channel Original Movies, or jamming out to his favorite boy band, Big Time Rush. Liam is always happy to answer any and all questions about the studio.