Mindy Kaling Speaks Out Against the Academy

Monday, Oct 14, 2019 at 9:10 pm by

By Mai Gibson – (CitrusTV)

Mindy Kaling spoke out against the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences over accusations that she was singled out ten years ago when “The Office” won an Emmy.

Kaling, a writer and producer of the show at the time, was told that she wouldn’t be credited by the Academy as a producer since there were already too many. The Academy responded to her original accusations saying there was a need to “vet producer eligibility.”

“There was an increasing concern years ago regarding the number of performers and writers seeking producer credits,” the Academy said.

In response, Kaling expressed on Twitter that instead of the Academy looking at her record like with the rest of the producers, they relied on her colleagues to support her.

“The point is, we shouldn’t have to be bailed out because of the kindness of our more powerful white male colleagues,” Kaling tweeted.

She went on to explain that she was the only one who had to prove her work and coincidentally the only woman of color. In an interview with Elle Magazine, she said that to prove herself, she had to write essays and send in letters from other producers about her contributions.