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Sunday, Feb 21, 2021 at 6:05 pm

SU Holds a Special Among Us Event

Yaw Bonsu, SYRACUSE N.Y. – Syracuse University held a live-action Among Us event Friday night in what was one of the semester’s first in-person events. 

The event, inspired by the hit mobile game, brought the virtual platform to life in more than one.

“I thought it was very true to the game and I’d definitely do it again,” said Emily-Rae Larson, a freshman conservation biology major. “I’m really excited that I actually got to do it instead of just watching other people do it.”

The event included color themed vests for each participant to replicate characters in the game. From there, each student was given a variety of tasks to complete throughout the maze. Tic-tac-toe, ring tosses and wiffle ball throws all played a major role in winning the game. 

“I’m terrible at it. I got out in the first round but it’s a blast,” said Kyle Tracy, a sophomore information technology studies major. “It’s just great to be in person again.” 

Players communicated through walkie-talkies while they tried to avoid the ‘imposter,’ and just like the mobile game, that specifically player had free reign to ruin the game in any way possible. That included turning off the lights, depleting ‘oxygen’ and most of all, eliminating all other players one by one.

Despite COVID-19 regulations, players were still able to meet to discuss who they believed was the imposter in the maze. While some groups were able to crack the code, others were not quite sure who was the “sus” one out. 

“I kind of scoffed at it a first,” said Josh Jones, a sophomore television, radio and film major. “But then my friend pushed me to do it and after coming I had a lot of fun.”