VEO Scooters to Have New Home on SU’s Campus

Wednesday, Feb 08, 2023 at 12:37 am by CitrusTV

By Nicole Aponte

VEO Scooters to Have New Home on SU’s Campus | Live at 6

Veo scooter locations are expected to be built across campus this year, thanks to a new
partnership with Student Association and Veo scooters.

The micromobility rideshare scooters and bikes have been a staple of Syracuse since
the company expanded into the city in 2021. Since then, there have been over 1,000
rides per day, according to 2022 City of Syracuse data.

“I don’t want to get hit by a scooter,” said SU freshman Zoya Bukhari. She’s nervous
that Veo scooter locations on campus could create more harm than good. “I’ve seen
someone zoom by and almost hit a lot of people while doing so.”

SU sophomore Jordan Williams takes the bus from south campus everyday for class.
He’s excited to see this innovation come to campus. “To not have to wait for the bus to
come and I can just hop on the scooter and go,” said Williams.

The transportation issues for students have been a main concern for Student
Association president David Bruen. “To have a good transportation network is to have
as many options as possible,” said Bruen. Veo scooters would add onto the SU bus and
trolley systems already available for students.

This isn’t the first campus that Veo locations have been built on. Rutgers University and
Texas A&M University also have locations on campus. Scooters will already have a set
speed limit they can travel at. “On Einhorn, we could lower their speed dramatically to
prevent any accidents and from hitting people,” said Bruen.

There will also be set drop-off locations on campus. Veo Syracuse Operations Manager
Paul Colabufo said unlike in the city, you can’t drop the scooters off wherever you want.
“You can’t just ride around scooters and kind of leave it blocking the sidewalk
somewhere or leave it in the middle of the grass, said Colabufo. “It actually has to be in
a hub.”

Bruen tells CitrusTV the contract is set to be signed later this semester. Students can
expect the five Veo locations on campus in Fall 2023.