SU Concludes Black History Month Events | News Live at 6

Sunday, Mar 05, 2023 at 9:07 am by Kelsey Leary

By Lauren Holdmeyer

SU Concludes Black History Month Events | News Live at 6

Tuesday was the last day of Black History Month, and Syracuse University did not fall short on the celebrations this year. 

Beginning on January 31st, the university hosted 18 different events throughout the month of February to celebrate and honor both past and present African American figures. Some of the notable events were “State of the Black Hair Experience” and the annual BHM Basketball Classic. 

Although, Black History Month is more than just honorary events to some students. Freshman Jocelyn Taggart says the month reminds her to think about the black women who inspired her to achieve her dreams of becoming a collegiate cheerleader. 

“Growing up and seeing African Americans pursue their sport allowed me to realize that I can do it, just like them,” Taggart said. “It really motivated me to want to be like them one day.” 

Taggart says she hopes that one day, she’ll be able to inspire the future generation of black cheerleaders and be the role model that she had growing up. 

Although Black History Month has come to a close, SU will continue celebratory events through March 5th.