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Thursday, Apr 14, 2022 at 1:42 pm

Fire Destroys 2 Homes on Ackerman Ave. | News Live at 6

By Nicole Aponte

A house fire destroyed two homes in the off-campus neighborhood on Ackerman Avenue. The Syracuse Fire Department was called to 955-957 Ackerman Ave. because of a reported house fire on April 10 at 7:50 p.m. Flames also spread to the neighboring home at 959-961 Ackerman Ave. 

Jack McGovern, Lemoyne College junior, is a resident of the house that initially caught on fire. 

“I came downstairs and knocked on the door to see what was going on, and people across the street started asking me if I needed help with anything,” McGovern said. “I heard a big woosh, and a fireball blew out of the top window.” 

McGovern was studying for an exam when the fire began. 

“We got what we could and ran out,” McGovern said. “When we were upstairs, we went up to the attic to see if it was a little something that was burning, and there was a wall of smoke that came down.” 

Firefighters put out both fires in 30 minutes. Crews searched both homes for trapped residents while putting out the fire. No residents or firefighters were hurt, but a family dog died.. 

“It was really scary,” Em Burris, a neighbor of Jack’s said. “Honestly, I feel for the homeowners. It’s tragic what happened.” 

Jack’s neighbors say they are sending support to him and his roommates.

 “I hope they have a safe place to stay for the duration of the semester,” Syracuse resident Joe O’Connor said. 

 National Grid, AMR, and the Syracuse Police Department all responded to the fire, according to a press release from the Syracuse Fire Department. CitrusTV reached out to the Syracuse Fire Department for the cause of the fire. The origin of the fire is still unknown. McGovern says he and his roommates believe the cause of the fire is because of a faulty electrical outlet. 

The local chapter of the American Red Cross will be helping McGovern, his roommates and his neighbors find a home for the time being.