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Monday, Mar 28, 2022 at 10:50 pm

2022 Trans Week of Liberation | News Live at 6

By Marie Achkar

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – The LGBTQ Resource Center is celebrating this year’s Trans Week of Liberation. Syracuse University students say they are trying to raise awareness about trans issues and make members of the trans community feel seen and heard. 

This year, the LGBTQ Resource Center is focusing on trans individuals within the prison system who endure violence, abuse and isolation. SU students say they aim to eliminate all forms of oppression for the trans community. Events are being hosted all throughout this week, including a guest speaker lecture and group discussions. 

The opening ceremony that was planned to occur Monday morning was canceled due to cold conditions, but the transgender flag was still raised outside Hendricks Chapel. SU student Alex Middleton talked about what the LGBTQ Resource Center does regarding trans awareness.

“We’ve grown to be a really good group of people who have built a rapport,” Middleton said. “We talk about social issues and this week we’re going to be focusing our conversations around prison reform and what we can do.”

Events will be hosted this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Students looking for more information can contact the LGBTQ Resource Center by email or call.