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Friday, Oct 01, 2021 at 7:17 pm

A Closer Look at Shaw Hall’s Architecture LLC

By John Perik

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Syracuse University’s School of Architecture has created a new living-learning community for 35 first-year students studying architecture. These students live on the second floor of Shaw Hall. 

This new LLC offers architecture students the opportunity to engage in field trips, workshops, and lectures. Above all, it allows the students to experience community life together. 

Overseeing the LLC is Vittoria Buccina, assistant dean for enrollment management at the school of architecture. Buccina is exceptionally satisfied with the LLC’s progress. “It’s extremely exciting to see so many students from different countries and states all sharing a living space,” said Buccina. “And being able to share their sense of passion for architecture beyond just the classroom is very special to see.” 

Serving as the residential advisor is Fernando Vidal Claudio, a fifth-year architecture student at SU. Living with the students daily is an experience he is very proud of, Claudio said. Watching the architecture students have everything they need at their disposal makes Claudio jealous. 

“I’m quite jealous of these freshmen students because they actually have a culture and environment that suits them,” Claudio said. “When I was a freshman living away from the architecture building, it was a real struggle,” Claudio continued, “So I think the location is key.” 

Gabe Eggerling, a resident of the LLC, appreciates the community most in the early hours of the morning, he said. “With everyone walking home together at 3:00 in the morning from studio, it’s so nice always to be together,” said Eggerling, “We hang out a lot, we eat together a lot, we work together a lot, and it’s only been five weeks.” 

Eggerling is disappointed that the students in the LLC will not be able to live together next year, considering that it is a freshman-only community. However, he has a long-term solution. “Third year, we would like to get a house so we can live with each other,” said Eggerling. 

Safiyyah Subhan-Khan, another student, living in the LLC, would never want her freshman year to go any other way. “It’s like family; we are here for each other all the time,” Subhan-Khan said. “My door is always open; I love these people.” 

Incoming first-year students interested in joining the architecture LLC can apply through the housing portal on MySlice.