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Sunday, May 08, 2022 at 2:45 pm

Applications Out For Spring 2023 SU Abroad Programs

By Zachary Richter

Syracuse University’s Abroad program released the application for its Spring 2023 programs. Students can now see the details on the new programs and apply by going to suabroad.com. 

“Japan has been closed since Covid,” Vanwey said. “But we’re certainly hoping for spring. So we’re excited about that and Australia as well.” 

Vanwey said she is encouraging all students to apply for Spring 2023 programs as soon as possible. 

“I would recommend students apply for all of our programs as soon as possible. You never know when something might fill up,” Vanwey said.

Delaney also said the earlier students apply, the better housing option they might get for some programs; however, some students have had difficulty applying. 

“I tried to apply and once I started my application, I got an email from Syracuse Abroad telling me that I actually can’t apply until my final Spring 2022 grades are in,” Gelb said.

Vanwey clarified this, but said students can still start the application process before having received their final grades.