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Thursday, Apr 08, 2021 at 12:44 pm

Board of Trustees Recommends SU Removes South Campus Housing

By Tyler O’Neill

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – The Syracuse University Board of Trustees Special Committee on University Climate, Diversity and Inclusion has completed its year-long report, and recommends that SU move all student residences to North Campus, thus eliminating South Campus housing. This comes after the committee found that a greater percentage of students of color select South Campus apartments for their sophomore on-campus housing.

The report says these students select to live on South Campus because it is cheaper since it does not require a meal plan. The committee says moving students to north campus will better integrate student populations.

 However, many students say they disagree with the board’s recommendation.

“I didn’t know that was the reason they were closing South Campus, but I do not think that would be a good reason,” said Jabril Alston, a Syracuse University senior. 

Many students select South Campus as their place of residence because they can live more independently. South Campus residents enjoy their own kitchen, space, and the location. These amenities are why some students say they like South Campus.

“It’s not even about color, it’s about people wanting to live on South because of the amenities they get,” said sophomore Maria Khochinskaya.

To further complicate the issue the report says that the visual unattractiveness of the apartments can lead to an unintended consequence of the perceived marginalization of these students. Not to mention that report also says students of color feel that they are subjected to a higher level of surveillance compared to white students living in fraternities and sororities.  

The report has nine other recommendations to promote greater diversity and inclusion on campus. 

“The committee has given us several tangible actions that will serve to position all of our students, faculty and staff for success, regardless of their race, background, religion or life experiences. Implementation of some recommendations is already underway, with the rest to be fulfilled promptly,” said Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud. 

There are concerns that come with this recommendation. The committee recognizes that moving all students to North Campus will require a large financial investment, but they say it is worth it to better integrate student populations. 

The committee says they endorse independent living options on North Campus, through a series of constructions and new buildings. 

The Chancellor has said he wants to implement all ten of the committee’s recommendations, so it might only be a matter of time before we say goodbye to South Campus.