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Monday, Apr 11, 2022 at 11:02 pm

Breaking Down the 2023 NYS Budget | News Live at 6

By Ronnie Parrillo

Budgets for both New York State and the City of Syracuse were passed for 2023 over the past week. Here’s a breakdown of what they each include:

New York State Budget: Coming in at a total of $220 billion, the conceptual budget that was agreed to on Friday represents a concession from Democratic leadership in Albany. Negotiations previously stalled in the capital due to bail laws in the state. Under the new budget agreement, it will be easier for judges to jail repeat offenders. This was a sticking point in the talks as places like New York City have seen a spike in violent crime over the past year. The state budget also includes healthcare funding to address the declining number of healthcare staff in hospitals. Gov. Kathy Hochul said the $20 billion will be devoted to staffing healthcare facilities. $1.1 billion will be allocated toward the I-81 community grid construction in Syracuse, and $20 million will go towards further renovations of the Carrier Dome. Renovations will include replacing metal bleachers with individual stadium seating and installing 5G throughout the facility. The Dome creates 5,000 jobs in the Syracuse area.Syracuse City Budget: Mayor Ben Walsh announced a $294 million budget for the City of Syracuse. An office will be created to hear residents’ concerns while the I-81 project takes place, and the city will increase patrol on the streets of the city in an effort to lower crime. A bulk of the budget, $68 million, will go towards repairing and replacing battered city roads.