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Monday, Apr 11, 2022 at 11:00 pm

Bruen and Santos Win Student Association Election | News Live at 6

By Jake Morel

Syracuse, N.Y.- Incumbent Syracuse University Student Association president David Bruen and his new running mate Adia Santos won the SA election over the  weekend. 

In the first round of voting, Bruen and Santos took 46.7% of the vote, Jordan Pierre and Lauren Gloster took 36.8% of the vote and Breton Macneil and Skylar Gorczynski took 16.5% of the vote. After Macneil and Gorczynski were eliminated, Bruen and Santos beat out Pierre and Gloster with 54.1% of the vote in the second round. Voting took place from April 4th to 8th. 

“I think what actually made us win in the end was all the work we’ve done in the past year, and we had that experience that no one else had,” Bruen said.

Bruen outlined his top three goals for his next term. 

“Bringing back wellness days, [improving] dining quality, so that means both cost and the actual quality of the food, as well as the overall experience and the sustainability of the university,” Bruen said. 

Bruen’s main focus is on carbon neutrality, though.

“If there’s one [thing] that I would be the most proud of to leave behind, it would probably be SU advancing the carbon neutrality goal,” Bruen said. 

Bruen said he looks to work with SU students in his next term in office.

 “I would say thank you, I would say we’re here for you, we’re here to listen, we’re here to work with you and fight for you. And here’s to another year of great work,” Bruen said.