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Monday, Nov 01, 2021 at 7:14 pm

Fight Breaks Out on Euclid Avenue over Halloween Weekend

By Jake Morel

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Syracuse University’s department of public safety is currently investigating an assault that took place early Sunday morning around 3 A.M. at the corner of Ostrom and Euclid avenue. According to their report, one individual was attacked by a group of young teenagers.

No one involved in the assault is affiliated with Syracuse University in any way. According to the individual who was attacked, one of the teenagers displayed a small black handgun during the assault. This comes after a series of events over the past two months in the area that include a shooting, a robbery, and another assault.

“I’ve definitely been on like hyper security measures and hyper safety measures of sticking with more people or making sure my doors are locked just kind of you know looking around me when I’m walking especially alone” said Junior Martine Schulthiess.

Some students aren’t as worried about the incidents, but still have safety concerns about nighttime. Senior Jack Harrington said “Walking around at night, I’m more concerned about that usually, especially when everybody is out and about on the weekends.”

SU’s Department of Public Safety has not expanded on the incident since the two emails sent out to all students early Sunday morning.

As for the students themselves, one message is clear: they’re concerned about their safety.