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Friday, Mar 12, 2021 at 8:54 pm

Flyers Derogatory to Asian Individuals Found on Campus

By Nicole Aponte

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – A racially biased incident occurred on Thursday, March 11 derogatory towards Asian American students on Syracuse University’s campus. Flyers were posted to bulletin boards in Eggers Hall, the Hall of Languages, and Huntington Hall which read “Beware of Chinese Government “Student” Agents on this Campus.” This comes after another racist incident happened earlier this month in which a bystander called out a racially targeted comment towards an individual outside of their home.

This photo was first posted by #NotAgainSU Instagram and was later confirmed by the University in an email saying, “And just yesterday, flyers were discovered on campus bulletin boards degrading Asian students as agents of the Chinese government.” The email was signed by Kent Syverud, Chancellor of Syracuse University, and Keith A. Alford, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer. The email urged students to “stand against all forms of bias, discrimination, and hate whenever they occur.”

Justine Hastings, Student Association President, wants all of this racial bias to stop and said, “I’m just tired and frustrated and disappointed. A lot of a mix of emotions.”

The University is investigating these incidents, and it is unsure if the flyers found on the bulletin boards were posted by someone affiliated with SU.

This incident occurred about a year after the initial NotAgainSU movement started at Syracuse University and Cesar Romero, Syracuse University junior is upset that derogatory language is still being used on our campus. “It’s very disheartening and heart-breaking really, and hurtful. I’m not Asian myself, I’m Mexican and Latina, so it’s really heartbreaking to see that people are not being supported that way.”

Megan Simon, Syracuse University sophomore also commented about this incident. “I’m quite disgusted, and to be a person that has experienced bias like that, it’s unsolicited to me. I just don’t understand.

Resources are available for students who are victimized by these recent events, as stated in the email from the University, including:

Center for International Services: 315.443.2457, international@syr.edu Dean of Students Office: 315.443.4357, dos@syr.edu
STOP Bias: 315.443.3514, stopbias@syr.edu
Barnes Center at The Arch: 315.443.8000, barnescenter@syr.edu

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