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Friday, Oct 05, 2018 at 7:15 pm

Free Lunches At Hendricks Every Thursday

By Lilia Wood – Syracuse, N.Y. (CitrusTV) – While most students know traditions such as the dome stomp and the kissing bench, there are also some hidden events on campus like Thursday afternoon lunches at Hendricks Chapel that have been around for decades.

All 15,000 SU students are invited to enjoy a meal together at Hendricks Chapel on Thursday afternoons. Reverend Brian Konkol, the Dean of Hendricks, attends these lunches weekly.

“We ask deeper questions to think about our relationships and consider the good we bring into the world,” Konkol said. “It’s a model that has been working for decades, and I foresee it happening for many decades to come.”

Currently, Jay Koshy and his Evangelical Christian Chaplaincy host the buffet, but the entire community is invited to the table.

“It’s been amazing coming to these lunches,” Susan Thomas, a student here at SU, said.

The only advertising Hendricks Chapel does is word out mouth, yet hundreds of students come each week. After grabbing food from the noble room, students overflow throughout the entire building while mingling and enjoying the food.

“I met you today, and everyday I meet a new person,” Arsheen Barnagarwala said.  “It’s really helpful.”

Community members take turns making the home cooked lunches for all of the students. The dishes are from various cultures although Indian cuisine is a favorite. All of the kitchens used are checked for health regulations, and dishes are all labeled with common allergies.

“It’s really helpful for us students because we don’t get time to cook at home,” Barnagarwala said. “On Thursdays, I have three classes back to back. It’s really good thing that I can have lunch here.”

Dean Konkol thinks there are opportunities to expand the lunches and even use the model of bringing people together with food for different events.

“It provides a great model,” Konkol said. “People gathering around food and friendship. It’s really what Hendricks Chapel is supposed to be about.”