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Thursday, Apr 08, 2021 at 3:29 pm

In-Person SU Abroad to Return in the Fall

Benjamin Schiller 

SYRACUSE, NY – Syracuse University’s Semester Abroad Program will be returning this Fall with in-person experiences. 

“For our fall semesters, we are really excited obviously since we really haven’t had students there since last spring of 2020,” said Maria del Mar, SU Abroad Campus Outreach Manager. 

But, students may have to wait a bit longer than usual before booking their flight. “Some of the starts will be later. It will be more condensed,” said del Mar. 

Getting student visas during the coronavirus pandemic will make it more difficult for SU Abroad to start on time. Students will be welcomed to the program a few weeks after students return to SU’s campus in August. 

Like here in Syracuse, students will have to adhere to the same policies at SU Abroad’s fall semester. 

“Every location kind of has their own plans like enhanced cleaning measures, sanitation, personal protection equipment that students are obviously expected to follow and adhere to.” 

Del Mar mentions that each program will have its own version of the stay safe pledge. She expects SU Abroad to resume normal operations in just a few months from now.