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Friday, Apr 09, 2021 at 7:57 pm

Laughs Continue with Zamboni Revolution

By Nicole Aponte

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Laughter is something that is needed more than ever. With online classes and zoom meetings, it is sometimes hard to escape the hardships of everyday life, but Zamboni Revolution hasn’t let the COVID-19 pandemic stop their approach to spreading this joy across Syracuse University’s campus.

Zamboni Revolution is the largest and oldest improvisation group at SU. Improv is a technique that relies heavily on human interaction and audience laughter. This unprecedented time has presented its main challenge to this group of students: performing in-person. Members of Zamboni perform multiple times a semester in a normal year, but this group has not put on their long form improv sets for an audience since February of last year.

President Alison Newton explained that she has found her family at SU because of Zamboni. “They’re my best friends, and just to be able to see them and also light up the darker times of COVID just because staying in and not being able to fully go out and be with friends. It just gives me a laugh during the rougher times.” She is thankful they have remained a tight-knit group during the pandemic.

The group practices twice a week at Lyman Hall, but sometimes venture out to places like Thornden Park next to campus. No matter where they perform, one can’t help but crack a smile.

Mary Shalaby is the only freshman a part of Zamboni and claimed that her college experience has been great thus far because of the people she has met in Zamboni Revolution. “I love laughing and I feel like that’s the best way to be happy. Especially with online classes and the stress of school in general, it’s really nice to go and just relax and have fun with a bunch of people that I love.”

Zamboni Revolution will have their first show on April 17th in Thornden Park. All guests will be required to social distance and wear masks. This is the first step in normalcy for this improv group.