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Thursday, Mar 22, 2018 at 11:27 am

Live at 6 | Business Booms On Marshall Street Before Sweet 16

By Greg Bradbury – Syracuse, N.Y. (CitrusTV) – A Sunday afternoon upset over Michigan State University has the Syracuse Orangemen still dancing. While your brackets may have been busted, business on the other hand is booming.

Fans have been flocking to local stores to gear up for the big game on Friday night against the Duke Blue Devils. Syracuse Sweet Sixteen, Beat Duke, and Cuse Mode apparel sales have all gone up since the teams win over Michigan State on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday night right after the game we immediately got between Sunday and Monday around 200 orders,” said Roger Hailstork, the SU Bookstore Director.

Hailstork continued to say the original NCAA tournament bid didn’t really push sales. It wasn’t until the team made it to this round that sales really jumped.

Down on Marshall Street at Manny’s, they have also seen an increase in sales, but not just for the new gear.

“They come in for one T-shirt and they usually walk out with $100 worth of merchandise,” said store manager, Bill Nester.

Nester was saying how many people were coming in and out of the store throughout the week and that they constantly had new boxes of gear coming in.

Both the SU Bookstore and Manny’s only expect sales to increase if the team continues to succeed.

While many students across campus have been participating in the increased sales businesses are experiencing, some have not. Many just think its too early in the tournament run to be buying new gear.

Students said they would use the SU apparel they already have; however, this would all change if the team can make a Final Four run. A trip to the Final Four would be huge for not only business but the school as well.

Seemingly everyone is trying to get in on the business profits that have come with the tournament run.

Coffee shops have also seen an increase in business. Freedom of Espresso shops located throughout Syracuse have drinks named after players and the tournament run. Some of these include The Dole-chai, The Braedon Bayer Blend, and The Cardiac Cuse.

The Orange are slated to tip-off Friday night at 9:37 P.M. against the Duke Blue Devils for a trip to the Elite Eight.