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Wednesday, Mar 28, 2018 at 10:01 am

Live at 6 | DPS “Pie An Officer” Event

Sunny Balkin – Syracuse, N.Y. (CitrusTV) – A crowd of eager-faced faculty and students gathered in the atrium of Syracuse University’s Schine Student Center. This week Syracuse University members were able to do something many of them could only dream off: throw pie a DPS officer.

The “Pie an Officer” event took place in the Schine Atrium this past Tuesday, March 27th, with all proceeds going toward the Dunbar Center . The pies could be purchased for just two dollars a dessert, and were able to be topped with the sauce of the throwers choosing.

DPS Officer Kathy Pabis believes that events like this one help students view DPS officers in a different light.

“It’s our way of connecting with the students and letting them see us on a different level,” she said. “And it’s all for a good cause.”

Within the first 45 minutes, at least six pies were thrown at the three DPS officers who bravely volunteered. The officers sat on rubber chairs which were placed on top of a taped down tarp. The men were donning bright plastic ponchos, and their faces were absolutely covered with a combination of whipped cream and syrup.

As for the people throwing the pies, the main thing that stuck out about their appearance were the giant smiles they wore while they tossed the treats at the officers.

Pie recipient and DPS Libraries Coordinator George Wazen said he didn’t mind mess, especially knowing that every pie purchased was going toward a cause the Department of Public Safety truly supports.

“All proceeds are going to the Dunbar Center, which is a great community center on the Southside of Syracuse” Wazen said.

The event lasted from eleven in the morning until two in the afternoon, with different DPS officers joining in as time went on. Wazen remarked that he does not know what other events DPS has planned for the future, but he encourages people to check the DPS website to keep updated on what is going on in the community.

George Wazen, far right, talks about the “Pie an Officer Day” event while his fellow DPS officer is pied by a Syracuse University student.