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Friday, Mar 30, 2018 at 11:02 am

Live at 6 | New Architecture Library

By Anna Azallion – Syracuse, N.Y. (CitrusTV) – Architecture students spend the most time studying outside of the classroom, according to an Indiana University Study. Syracuse Chancellor Kent Syverud agrees that architecture students spend a lot of time working.

“I think most of us know the architecture students spend an inordinate amount of time in this building,” Chancellor Kent Syverud said at the dedication ceremony.

The newly renamed King + King Architecture Library inside Slocum Hall, home to Syracuse Architecture, was dedicated and officially reopened Thursday during an event in front of roughly 100 people. The dedication comes after a Donor Russell King provided for renovations to the three room library.

This library wasn’t always a library, though.

Since 1973 when Barbara Opar became the librarian in Slocum Hall, architecture students have had a reading room that had some books and periodicals. Opar is still the librarian now that what was once a reading room is the King + King Architecture Library.

“I didn’t know it went back to 1973. I wish we got you new quarters earlier,” Chancellor Kent Syverud said to Opar in his speech on Thursday at the dedication of the new architecture library.

Dean of Libraries David Seaman said the renovations were done over winter break.

“We were able to minimize the impacts on the students. We did all the prep work we could in the fall and then we closed as soon as the last student left for winter break and worked flat out across winter break,” Seaman said.

They included new and more accessible bookshelves, new furniture, artwork, and specialization of the three spaces in the library, Dean of Architecture Michael Speaks said.

“Perhaps most important for the librarians, and those include the students who work there, in the summertime in particular, we have HVAC. We have heating and air conditioning,” Speaks said.

The renovations were made possible by a financial gift from Russell King who spoke at the dedication.

King will be 89 years old in just a few weeks and is a retired architect with a degree from the Architecture school at Syracuse University.

Many students were at the dedication, including Houston Park.

Park says he already has been using the library a lot and often goes to Opar for help.