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Friday, Apr 06, 2018 at 2:16 am

Live at 6 | Rezoning In Syracuse

By Sunny Balkin – Syracuse, N.Y. (CitrusTV) – A presentation on the Rezone Syracuse plan was held this past Wednesday.

Zoning Administrator Heather Lamendola and Assistant Director for City Planning Owen Kerney took the stage to talk about the possibility of new zoning ordinances in Syracuse. They spoke to a room full of citizens in the Henninger High School Cafeteria, each seeming engaged by what the new ReZone Syracuse plan could offer.

According to Lamendola the plan will help categorize areas in the Syracuse into new zones, each allowing for different types establishments to be built depending on factors like the density of population and the type residencies currently there.

Some of the areas have been classified MX-1 through MX-5 based on these factors. Euclid avenue, a popular off-campus living spot for Syracuse University students has been classified a MX-1 Zone.  Lamendola said creating new zoning ordinances like that one will facilitate more efficient land usage.

“[The labels] have been mainly used for residential areas,” Lamendola said about Euclid avenue. “This MX-1 will encourage small scale, low intense retail and restaurant use.”

Lamendola and her colleague agree the current Syracuse zoning ordinances are outdated, and in order to keep up with the times changes have to be made to how places are classified, and what is allowed to be built in Syracuse.

“We’re not up to speed with some of the land uses that are coming to fruition around the states.” Lamendola said. “Things like microbreweries and doggy-day cares…we’re trying to incorporate them into the ordinances as uses and also define them.”  

The classification of Syracuse University and the surrounding area according to the ReZone Syracuse Plan.

If the ReZone Syracuse plan is passed people may start to see more businesses popping up around Syracuse University. To learn more about the Rezone Syracuse plan you can visit http://www.syrgov.net/ReZoneSyracuse.aspx or email them at RezoneSyracuse@syrgov.net. All questions, comments, and concerns on the plan are due by April 27th, 2018.