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Thursday, Feb 22, 2018 at 10:37 pm

Live at 6 | SU Themed Donut For Charity

James Groh – Syracuse, N.Y. (CitrusTV) – Syracuse Donut Shop Glazed and Confused released a limited edition Syracuse basketball themed donut in collaboration with the Salvation army Wednesday morning. It’s called the Jimmy B after Syracuse head basketball coach Jim Boeheim.

Co-owner Paul Valenti added more Syracuse Orange to the donut than just its name.

“So the Jimmy B has got a marmalade glaze, orange buttercream, organic blueberries and an orange slice just to keep with that theme of orange basketball,” he said.

It’s a $3 orange creamsicle donut. All the proceeds from the Jimmy B go to the salvation army.

“If someone were to come in today and buy a dozen, we would ask them to buy one more so make it a 13th, so 13 instead of 12 and then the proceeds go back,” Valenti said.

He got the idea while talking to the Salvation Army. The charity mentioned that if he could come up with the idea for the donut, Jim Boeheim would get behind it.

“So we select and organization once a month it was just the right time with the salvation army,” Valenti said.

This type of charitable work isn’t new to Glazed and Confused, either. It’s currently planning a dance fundraiser called the Disco Donut Dance. The owners have not chosen a beneficiary organization yet.

“Part of our core is to give back these donuts in the way we can to keep it fun and do a lot of local collaboration with those charities,” Valenti said.

Not too long ago, Glazed and Confused hosted a coat drive. The artisan donut shop doesn’t just help out charities, though. It works with the city as well.

“We donated donuts to the DPW out one night when they were doing snow. It doesn’t have to be a charity, but its giving back to the community in the way we know how and we can,” Valenti said.

The Jimmy B is currently on its shelves for two weeks until Sunday March 4th. After that, Valenti says he will take a week off to brainstorm ideas and then hopefully introduce a new donut.

Glazed and Confused generally has 12 donuts on its menu. Valenti said that he wants to continue adding a special limited edition 13th donut for charity.

“Our hope is that we will always do our 12 donuts and then add that one.”