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Wednesday, Apr 13, 2022 at 9:13 pm

New Comedy Club Opens at SU | News Live at 6

By Katie Fongvongsa

The first comedy club, the Playground 311, at Syracuse University continues to make its mark. Each Wednesday night, since the club was founded in January, 311 Comstock Avenue is the place to be.

Sophie Schlosser, the general manager and co-founder, runs the social media platform and oversees all operations. Although not physically living in the house, Schlosser collaborates with the housemates and her executive team.

Carly Murray, the merchandise and communications manager, works on creating original pieces for the team and for attendees. Some of her pieces are given away at the start of each performance. 

Elizabeth Goldblatt, the talent acquisition manager, seeks students who wish to perform stand-up comedy for each show. Goldblatt also works to create the set list along with hosting some nights.

The club seeks to be a welcoming, inclusive place where students can relax and just laugh in the middle of the week. They welcome anyone to perform and to come watch. Doors open typically 30 minutes before the show and tickets sell out within the first couple minutes.