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Monday, Sep 05, 2016 at 9:06 pm

New York State Fair Improvements

For Bill Johnson of Port Byron, entering the state fairgrounds got easier this year.

“There was no wait whatsoever,” he said. “You come to the checkpoint to get your tickets and then you walk right through the gate,” he continued.

Johnson’s thoughts are likely due to one of the changes made to the State Fair in 2016—electronic ticketing for smartphones.

The change is part of the $50 million worth of alterations made to the Fair this year.

Over the past 11 days, people have been able to take advantage of the new improvements made to the fairgrounds. CitrusTV caught up with attendees about their experience.

One major change this year was demolishing the Grandstand, causing all concerts on the fairgrounds to be held at Chevy Court, a venue close to the Main Gate.

High School Junior McKayla Scott says she misses the Grandstand as a concert venue.

“They had demolition derbies and races, and now they just have Chevy Court,” she said.

That being said, more seating and shade has been added to the State Fair’s Chevy Court. Outside of entertainment, the bulk of the changes at the New York State Fair have come in terms of infrastructure.

Underground, the fair now houses 40 miles of wire, eliminating the need for rides to have their wires above ground in most instances.

Five miles of storm water pipe have also been installed underground at the fair. The pipes are designed to divert water away from streets and walkways. A few other changes include the following:

  • 100 lights with security cameras and speakers
  • Phone charging stations and expanded seating on the 15-acre Midway section
  • More open walkways, free from vendors

The New York State Fair set a record for attendance this year, with a 20 percent increase over the state fair in 2015.

Governor Cuomo addressed the media on the final day of the New York State Fair and spoke about the results of this year’s renovations.

“You walk through the fair, it was nothing like it was last year,” said Governor Cuomo.

The governor would not expand on future changes to the fairgrounds for the 2017 fair.

“You will have to buy a ticket,” he said.

CORRECTION: The video clip states misting machines were added this year. The machines were added in 2014. CitrusTV regrets the error.