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Thursday, Oct 07, 2021 at 6:51 pm

SU Hosts “Boost the ‘Cuse” Event

By Lindsey Fine

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Syracuse University’s school-wide fundraiser, Boost the ‘cuse, was on Oct. 7. The money raised today will go towards improving the student experience at SU.

Those who want to support Boost the ‘Cuse can give to the university in general a specific organization within SU. The goal of the initiative was to get five thousand people to donate within 24 hours. Kim Infanti, the executive director of digital engagement in the Office of Alumni Engagement said alumni should consider donating to whichever part of SU had the most impact on their college experience. She also emphasized why alumni donations are so important to SU.

“Alumni giving directly impacts how Syracuse University is ranked, so when Syracuse is ranked high by the different rankings organizations that means that the value of our degree is greater and that’s why participation is so important,” Infanti said.

Over 3,200 people have given to Boost the ‘Cuse and they raised over $1 million. People in 56 states and at least a dozen countries have donated during the event,

“It’s like feeling apart of something bigger than yourself,” Infanti said. “To see names I recognize and to know that I haven’t talked to them in years but were part of something today, that’s a really special feeling.”