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Wednesday, Apr 06, 2022 at 12:31 pm

Pavement in Front of City Hall to be Turned into a Mural | News Live at 6

SYRACUSE N.Y.- The City of Syracuse and Adapt CNY are looking to transform the asphalt outside of city hall into a plaza. They are seeking design proposals from members of the community to paint a mural on the ground that is currently asphalt. 

The asphalt that functions as a driveway right now will soon function as a plaza where the community can gather. President of Adapt CNY and Deputy Commissioner of Business Development Eric, Ennis said the new plaza is the best use of the space. 

“We were thinking what would be more of an efficient use of the space as opposed to basically being a parking lot for a few cars. So we see an opportunity for public art and the ability to activate the space, make it more comfortable, be a little bit more welcoming area when you are stepping into Syracuse and stepping into city hall,” Ennis said. 

The parking lot that was there only had four to five spots that the mayor used and he said he is more than willing to park elsewhere to make better use of the space. Ennis said the mural will represent the City’s culture. 

“We want to make sure we have a colorful art installation so we can add more vibrancy. We wanted to embody and be emblematic of  Syracuse. So it’s one of those things we are really for concepts and designs and proposals that are going to reflect the fact that this is in front of Syrauce’s City Hall,” Ennis said. 

The City is looking for artists to submit designs. The deadline for submissions is May 6. Ennis said the mural will be installed by the end of this year.