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Friday, Oct 22, 2021 at 7:23 pm

Remembrance Scholars Perform at the Celebration of Life

By Jake Morel

SYRACUSE, NY – Remembrance week is always an important time at Syracuse University. Every fall, SU’s remembrance scholars put together a week of events to honor the victims of the Lockerbie bombing 33 years ago. 35 of those victims were SU study abroad students, and each scholar has a victim whom they learn about and represent at events.

These events include a candlelight vigil, a documentary screening, a rose laying ceremony, and a celebration of life, which happened Thursday night. The celebration of life is one of the more unique events, as it includes performances from students to honor the victims.

Caleb Sheedy, a remembrance scholar, performed the song “A Beautiful City”, followed by a reading of one of the victims’ philosophies on life, by remembrance scholar Madi Messare.

Creations Dance Company performed a dance to the song “Cruel World”.

Remembrance scholars Ashley Collado and Elena Figler performed a familiar tune, with “Hey Jude” by the Beatles on piano and vocals.

The “Otto Tunes” finished off the event with an acapella rendition of “It Is Well With My Soul”.

Lockerbie scholar Alicia Pagan said that since the event is less formal, it gives the scholars a chance to talk and connect with the families more. “It’s a lot more personal, which is nice”. “We get more of a chance to talk with the victims’ families”.

Matthew Sala, the remembrance scholar who hosted the event, said that it inspired him to become a remembrance scholar when he performed at it as a freshman. He also said that the emotional and creative performances help move us forward while we honor the past.

The celebration of life event has been around since 2006, and remembrance scholars say that they look to carry on this unique, long lasting tradition for years to come. They’re focused on honoring the past, while celebrating life in the present day.