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Wednesday, May 12, 2021 at 7:18 pm

Restaurants on Marshall Street Adjust to Summer Hours

By Teagan Brown 

SYRACUSE, N.Y – Students are getting ready to return to their homes all over the country and world as the end of the semester draws near. What does this mean for local businesses whose clientele consists mostly of college students?

Marshall Street is located steps from campus and its where most SU attendees go for food and shopping. Businesses there range from local places like Varsity Pizza to chains like Five Guys. 

While students make up a majority of consumers on the street, they also work as employees during the school year. 

Varsity Pizza co-owner Jerry Dellas changed his hours during the summer since both employees and customers decrease 

“Typically summers are a lot slower, we’re only open Monday through Friday” he said 

During the Summer, Jerry says the crowd mostly consists of the hospital employees and construction workers doing nearby projects. While restaurants are affected by the lack of students, so are shopping destinations on Marshall. 

The manager of J. Michael Shoes, Erik Hicks says that the store does not cut their hours but they look forward to students making a return in the fall. 

“The students really bring the energy to Marshall Street and we’re hoping and looking forward to a more normal fall.”