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Wednesday, Mar 17, 2021 at 7:16 pm

Some SU Employees Are Eligible for the Vaccine

By Bradley Hoppenstein

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – With more vaccines coming to the State and its vaccination sites, Governor Cuomo is opening up vaccine eligibility to more in New York State. On Mar. 10, Cuomo lowered the vaccination age for residents from 65 and older to 60 and older, and, taking effect this morning, eligibility is now expanded to public-facing government and public employees. 

For Syracuse University, this means all of its on-campus employees are now eligible for the vaccine under the “In-person college faculty or essential in-person staff” designation. 

SU employees will find it easy to schedule a vaccination appointment. Increased supply from the state and broader eligibility mean most vaccination sites will now be administering more shots each day. The closest site to SU, the State Fairgrounds, now has more than 40,000 open appointments through the end of May. 

SU Vice Chancellor Mike Haynie has sent several emails in the past week reminding students to be diligent in following the Stay Safe Pledge, and also noting in a recent Q&A that the University is ready to be activated as a vaccination site. 

“They’re trained in the protocol. They understand what’s necessary for the vaccine. We’ve told the state that we’re ready. Activate us and give us the vaccine and we’ll take care of the SU campus population,” Haynie said. 

The University has already secured the equipment and trained the Barnes Center staff on the COVID vaccines, according to Haynie, but as of now the general student population is not eligible yet based on New York State policy.