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Tuesday, Nov 02, 2021 at 7:16 pm

Stand With Survivors SU Gather Inside the DPS Building

By Teagan Brown

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Stand With Survivors SU (SWSSU) first established their presence on campus September 21st when they marched across campus in protest of sexual assault and rape culture on campus. 

Today the group organized a sit in at Sims hall where DPS is located. When 12:30 came around only a small number of students entered the building, but when they did they found faculty members were in attendance as well.

The Dean of Students, Robert D. Hradsky, and DPS Chief Maldonado were among the people there to listen to the student’s voices. 

Last week SWSSU released a manifesto which included a list of demands they wanted. Today they read each of them to the crowd which consisted of about twenty students at any given time. 

Demands ranged from an educational course that all students must take pertaining to sexual assault, health, and consent as well as the return of the advococy center which was shut down back in 2014. 

When the center shut down students at the time protested outside of Chancellor Kent Syverud’s office because they were angry the resource had been taken away in favor of merging it with another program on campus. 

SWSSU has used social media to spread their message as well as to promote events like the one that took place today.