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Friday, Apr 01, 2022 at 3:42 pm

Student Association Debate Tonight | News Live at 6

By Dillon Brendle

The Student Association will host its executive debate Thursday at 7 p.m. moderated by CitrusTV’s Chilekasi Adele and Moriah Humiston. The debate will feature three presidential candidates and their vice presidential running mates as well as one candidate for comptroller. Candidates will speak on a variety of issues including transparency, food reform and mental health. 

CitrusTV spoke with students today about issues they think the student association should focus on if elected. Syracuse senior William Demarsai wants candidates to continue improving upon inclusion. 

“Syracuse University is a diverse school and at times we definitely don’t focus on it as much as we need to,” Demarsai said. “These candidates need to focus on the diverse needs of the student population incorporating all students of races, ethnicities and abilities.”

First year student Lia Della Bordella wants the Student Association to focus on improving the University’s response to sexual assault. 

“I would like to see some positive change to how sexual assault is handled on campus and the resources available,” Della Bordella said. “SA needs to make sure the resources are more explicitly available for students.”

The Executive Debate will air on OTN channel 24.2 as well as on the CitrusTV YouTube and Twitter pages at 7 p.m. Thursday.