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Friday, Nov 19, 2021 at 12:44 pm

Students Head Home for Thanksgiving Break

By Marie Achkar

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – While a lot of students are excited to head home for Thanksgiving break this year, many are stressed out because of the workload that has been given to them. Syracuse student Bushra Naqi talked about how not having a break until now has been a struggle for her. 

“I definitely feel overwhelmed and everything has been coming down on me in the last few weeks, especially from midterms until now. This period is very stressful and overwhelming and we definitely should have had a break before” she said. 

Other students aren’t even looking at next week as a break. For seniors especially, applying to grad school will be a very time-consuming task. Syracuse senior Jacob Saionz said that while break is usually a relaxing time for him, this year will be different. 

“Usually it’s a very low-key kind of thing, not doing a lot of work. But this year I’m applying to grad school and that’s a big stressor on me and so having to get that done over break…it’s not going to be a very quiet break, I’ll just say that” he said. 

Despite the work and responsibilities, many students are still looking forward to spending the Thanksgiving holiday with their families and friends. They will be taking the time off to recharge before coming back for finals week.