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Tuesday, Apr 27, 2021 at 6:59 pm

Students Scramble to Register for Housing Next Semester

By Lindsey Fine

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Class registration and housing selection for for next year are now underway and some students said they do not think the current systems work well enough.

For on-campus housing registration, students were randomly given a time to select their dorm. Class registration time was assigned both randomly and by credit hour. This lottery system led to students getting locked out of classes they need for graduation and also not getting a dorm with the number of roommates they planned on living with.

“It’s kind of hard to decide right on the door where you are going to live, so I think it can be really difficult going into sophomore year to find where you’re going to live. Especially because it’s just based on luck so whatever they give you, you just kind of have to work with. That can be difficult, but there are a lot of options,” junior Rebecca Lamb said.

Even though there are many housing options, students said they want to live in certain dorms and freshmen Mia Williams  said she doesn’t think there was enough guidance in the housing selection process.

“It’s been a little bit of a difficult process because you have to figure it out on your own, so it’s just been difficult and frustrating,” Williams said.

Sophomore Lauren Brennan said she agrees the process was stressful and also said the current system is not efficient enough.

“I definitely think it’s stressful. It probably could be organized a little better because I know the website always crashes when everyone is trying to get on at the same time. People get disappointed, so it can probably be done in a more controlled way,” Brennan said.

If these two processes weren’t stressful enough, freshmen are currently doing class registration and housing selection. Some students have to go through both processes within minutes.

“It’s made me more stressed, especially for the past two weeks because you have to figure out where you’re going to live, and figure out your schedule on top of doing so much home work,” Williams said.