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Tuesday, Nov 16, 2021 at 9:15 pm

Students Share Mental Health Resources

By Ilana Epstein

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – The Barnes Center located between the dome and Carnegie Library serves as a gym at Syracuse. To many students’ surprise, it also offers appointments with licensed therapists. Students can call the number 315.443.8000 to book a consultation with a therapist for both group and individual sessions either in-person or virtually.

Many students feel that while it is great that the Barnes Center offers these services, they don’t think it is advertised enough. They feel that Barnes is greatly understaffed, and don’t know the number of students that would like to take advantage of the therapy offered. Students shared their past experiences with the therapy, stating that they had to call and reschedule multiple times.

Brian Pellegrino, a sophomore at Syracuse University shared that while he hadn’t gone through the process himself, his friends did and had a hard time. He said, “they had been transferred to outside places.”

The Barnes Center offers 24-hour services for students dealing with a mental health crisis, sexual assault, or a health emergency. The Barnes Center will continue to offer these services throughout the year.

Students appreciate these services but would like more opportunities to connect with therapists.