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Wednesday, Sep 15, 2021 at 7:05 pm

SU Asks Students to Stop Stealing Health Signage

By Josh Meyers

SYRACUSE, NY – Syracuse University warned students today that consequences will be made if they are caught stealing any public health signage on campus.

This is just one of several demands Vice President for the Student Experience and Dean of Students Robert Hradsky made to students today. Others included the expectations of masking at this weekend’s game while in COVID Level RED.

“Mask wearing was minimal at best,” Hradsky said in an email about last weekend’s game in the dome. “The stadium staff will be taking action at the upcoming game to enforce mask wearing.”

Another warning posed to students has to do with behavior off-campus. SU is advising students living off-campus to stay on your own property and to pick up any trash or recycling on the ground. This is a rare instance of the university talking about what students should do off-campus.

“The actions that take place in the off-campus neighborhood impact your fellow students, professors, staff members, children and families living in the area,” Hradsky said.

Lastly, SU reminded students to maintain good health practices.