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Friday, Sep 17, 2021 at 7:32 pm

SU Enforces Stricter Mask-Wearing Policies

By John Perik

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Last Saturday, Syracuse Football returned to Ernie Davis Legends Field at the Dome. But with it came thousands of fans refusing to abide by the Dome mask mandate. Although Syracuse ultimately fell to Rutgers, the fans were the main story. 

Since Saturday, Syracuse University has announced changes ahead of SU’s next game against UAlbany this weekend. These changes include: an increase in mask signage during the game, ushers will enforce the masking policy, fans will be asked to alert staff if people are not complying. 

According to SU student Christian Abdo, wearing a mask is “pointless. … considering that we had to get a silly vaccine.” On the other hand, SU student Garrett McClurg says that he will leave the game on Saturday if “fans are not wearing masks.” 

For student section leader Jonathan Danilich, wearing a mask is imperative. Danilich wants students to “wear a mask. … it’s what we’re being asked to do.” He also said, “we want to keep being able to go to games, and if wearing a piece of cloth on our face is going to do that, then I think everyone will raise their hand and say I’ll do that.” 

Season ticket holder, Brad Gorham, says he believes students are not the only ones to blame. “There were a lot of alumni and non-students who were also not wearing their masks,” said Gorham. He also asks students to “please wear a mask on Saturday. … Just do your part and stay safe.” 

Friday morning, Pete Sala, University Vice President & Chief Facilities Officer, said his staff would not be mask police. “I wouldn’t call it that term,” Sala said. Sala also announced that ushers would be walking around with “lollypop signs” during the game. Those signs will ask people to “wear your mask at all times.” 

Entering the game last Saturday, students were not Sala’s chief concern. “We were very confident that the students coming into the building weren’t going to be a problem,” Sala said. He believes safety is essential, but everyone needs to strike a balance, “the bottom line is… we want people there.”