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Wednesday, Oct 06, 2021 at 6:53 pm

SU Intramural Hockey Returns to the Ice

By Zach Richter

SYRACUSE, NY – It has been one year since the last intramural hockey games and now they are finally back. Players have already taken the ice with games happening Sunday and Monday nights at 10 pm or 11:15 p.m. The excitement level among the players is high and especially for SU student Ray Mcandrew who couldn’t have been more pumped up before his 1st game.

“Yeah, I’m definitely happy it’s back. This is actually going to be my first game so I haven’t gotten to experience it yet this year. But, I played a couple of seasons ago when they had it and it was a blast.”

Junior Ben Gansenberg says it reminds him back to his high school hockey days.

“I’m hyped up, you know man. It’s like high school all over again with the boys in the locker room, feeling good, going out there trying to get a W. It’s a good feeling. It brings you back to feeling like a little kid, someone who’s just excited to go do something for the 1st time again.”

Aaron Landers The Program Coordinator at Tennity is also excited to have students return to the rink without all the COVID restrictions from last year. Last year to participate in any Tennity program students were required to sign up via the wellness portal.

“It’s just great to have the intramural league back, where it’s actually league play and we can get teams together.”

It’s also easier than ever for students to sign up for any intramural sport here on campus. All one has to do is go to the Wellness Portal, chose the sport that you’re interested in, and join a team.