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Thursday, Mar 25, 2021 at 7:06 pm

SU Plans to have a Completely In-Person Fall 2021 Semester

By Olivia Maniscalco

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Chancellor Kent Syverud announced via email that the Fall 2021 semester will start August 30th, and will have completely in-person classes. This news comes the night after Syracuse men’s and women’s basketball advanced to the next round of March Madness, and a large group gathered, some maskless, outside of “the Castle” apartments. Along with this, there is an outbreak in residential dorms, and possibly beyond. On March 25th, the university added 23 more cases. This makes the total 124.

Andrew Shore, A freshman, thought the timing of the email was “not the right move” because it makes the administration seem like they are not acknowledging the super spreader events that have been happening very publicly. Mira Berenbaum, a sophomore, agrees, but thinks that it is the point in the semester in which they were going to have to make that kind of announcement anyway. 

With the vaccination of students and members of the greater Syracuse community, the promise of an in person fall is looking very feasible. Anika Carlson, a sophomore, says she is “not surprised at all” at the news. Many feel as though it will be an adjustment not using Zoom for classes, but it will make their overall learning experience a lot better.