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Friday, Feb 19, 2021 at 9:45 pm

SU Professor Holds Classes in the Dome

Nicole Aponte, SYRACUSE, N.Y. – After Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that major arenas and stadiums could open up at 10% capacity, Professor Rubin wasted no time in putting his Introduction to Information Technologies course into the Stadium. This new rule allows for all of his students to learn in a socially distanced setting, with masks worn the entire time.

Professor Rubin had this plan since the beginning of the fall semester of 2020, where he sought out the safest way possible for his students to learn. This unique classroom set-up includes Syracuse University seat-cushions, a microphone for Professor Rubin to wear, and notes projected onto the jumbotron for all to see.

“This is just another classroom; let’s treat it as such,” Professor Rubin urges his students. This past fall, Rubin taught this class online, which he describes as a much different experience. He is able to feel the energy from the students in the room, and loves to hear from all of the students, not just the ones that are vocal on Zoom.

Professor Rubin relies heavily on the technical crew which allows for the class to run smoothly. The technical crew must make sure that the video from Rubin’s computer is displayed on the jumbotron, that the Internet connection is stable for all students to participate, and how the audio is heard throughout the bleachers. If the technology works, the class is bound to be successful for both the students and professor.

“We’re going to go as if we are here and if somebody tells me it’s different – we will adapt. But until that time, I will be here Monday and Wednesday mornings, delivering a lecture.” Professor Rubin remains hopeful for a healthy semester ahead for the Orange community. Although it is the unknown right now, all the students can do is look forward to the future of classes in-person. This is certainly not the last time that the SU community will see classes taught in the iconic stadium.