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Thursday, Mar 18, 2021 at 7:18 pm

SU Reacts to the Hate Crime in Georgia

By: Benjamin Schiller 

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – The United States is shaken up following the murder of six asian-american women and two police officers in Georgia on Tuesday. 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long walked into three Atlanta-area spas with a gun and committed the attack. 

The motivation behind these murders are still unclear. 

Just yesterday, SU Chancellor Kent Syverud released a statement in response to the Atlanta attacks saying, “Like so many of you, i am disgusted by the horrific acts of hate and violence that tragically claimed the lives of eight people in the atlanta area last night.” 

Syverud later added, “Acts of violence understandably create fear and isolation. To our Asian and Asian-American friends, colleagues and neighbors, please know that we at Syracuse University support you. Together, all of us must condemn this violence and stand with those targeted by hate.” 

SU Student Association Vice-President Ryan Golden sent an email to the student body yesterday. 

He said, “We want to acknowledge that these acts of hatred are not new and continue to reinforce a feeling of apprehension and alienation among the community of Asian students on our campus. since March of 2020, when covid-19 integrated into our lives, there have been approximately 3,800 hate crimes against Asian community members.” 

Golden also said, “We regret that this is our reality but also believe we should be equally determined to stamp out all forms of racism, xenophobia, and bigotry. It is the responsibility of all campus members to stand up and defend our fellow students when they are under attack. We are all deserving of humanity and a common dignity.” 

SU is continuing to monitor the ongoing situation, and stick with CitrusTV for this developing story.