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Wednesday, Mar 10, 2021 at 11:58 pm

SU Students React to the CU Boulder Party

By Samantha Lindell

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Students at the University of Colorado Boulder are still under fire from a destructive party that occurred just a few days ago. Despite there being obvious dangers due to COVID-19, police officers were injured, and there was major destruction to the property of students and residents, alike. Because of these actions, a SWAT Team was called in, and students were tear gassed in an effort to break up the crowds. I spoke to a Boulder student, Emelina Morris, a freshman, who did not attend the party but drove by to find out more details of what exactly went on.

Morris describes that while she was driving past there was “no way” that her car would be able to fit through, even if she wanted it to. Moments after she drove past, she saw videos of cars being flipped on Snapchat stories of her friends. Morris recalls seeing fireworks being lit off in the crowds, which she was concerned about due to the danger that it put students in.

SU students, Meghan Lesko and Hailey Joseph reacted to the events that took place, and both agreed that something like that would not be likely to happen at SU because Lesko says that people here “hold each other more accountable.” Lesko and Joseph also thought that bringing out the SWAT Team seemed unnecessary, but based on the photos and videos, it probably most made sense.

Investigations by UC Boulder administration are still underway to identify the students who took part in criminal offenses, but hopefully SU students can learn from their mistakes.