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Wednesday, Sep 02, 2020 at 5:50 pm

SU Students Return To A Changed Campus

Ricky Sayer, SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Syracuse University students are adjusting to a campus changed by coronavirus. Some classes have moved outside to tents set up across the campus. Indoors, socially distant seating arrangements mean all but one chair has been removed from tables in order to prevent people from gathering in large groups..

“It’s a little strange seeing things the way they are,” said junior Madeline Goore.

Syracuse University students who chose to return to campus must follow the Stay Safe Pledge, as well as local and state public health guidelines. Students must wear masks on campus, remain six feet apart from others, and cannot gather in groups larger than 25.

With many classes taking place online or in a hybrid format of online and in-person teaching, Syracuse University’s typically busy campus is noticeably quieter.

“It’s definitely a little surreal to be back on campus,” said sophomore Abe Frankel. He doesn’t have any in-person classes this fall, but he’s still staying on campus this semester.

“What I was most looking forward to is reconnecting with the friends I made last year,” Frankel said. “To get that change of scenery, it’s a good feeling and it feels worth it to at least try it.”

On the first day of classes, Frankel was sitting with Josh Jones, a friend he made his freshmen year, on the shaded lawn in front of SU’s old row. Both wore masks and were distanced 6 feet apart.

Jones, who is also a sophomore, is cautiously optimistic Syracuse can make it through an entire semester, as long as students follow public health guidelines set by the university, county and state.

“It’s all on us to make sure we stay here for longer,” Jones said.

In a statement, Syracuse University’s Vice Chancellor Mike Haynie said he was encouraged by what he saw last when. The vast majority of students were social distancing and wearing masks, he observed.

“You are doing all the right things to keep us on campus this fall! We need to keep it going. Don’t let your guard down. Stay vigilant,” Haynie added.

As of Wednesday September 2nd, a total of 9 people had tested positive for COVID-19 within Central New York, according to Syracuse University’s COVID-19 dashboard, which lists case totals for students, faculty, and staff.