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Tuesday, Oct 12, 2021 at 7:02 pm

Syracuse Stage Holding Live Audience

SYRACUSE, NY – On Wednesday night, Eureka Day will be the first show to play at the Syracuse Stage with a live audience since the COVID pandemic began.

Eureka Day was written before the pandemic but could not relate more to the present. It centers around a private day school in Berkely, CA that becomes a microcosm of our larger society as a result of a mumps outbreak. It features discussions about vaccines and other public health issues.

For opening night, the stage will be at full capacity following SU’s guidelines of requiring masks and vaccinations.

Eureka Day will play until October 31st when then there is a whole slate of shows scheduled to take over through June. This list includes Roald Dahi’s Matilda, Yoga Play, Somewhere Over the Border, The Play That Goes Wrong, and Salt/City/Blues.