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Friday, Apr 01, 2022 at 3:45 pm

Take Back the Night Returns to Campus | News Live at 6

By Nicole Aponte

The tradition continued on campus this past Wednesday as the worldwide movement Take Back the Night  returned to Syracuse University. TBTN is a global initiative that raises awareness for sexual, domestic, relationship and any form of interpersonal violence. 

“It is more than a moment; it’s a movement,” Reverend Brian Konkol said to  those in Hendricks Chapel. 

Take Back the Night occurs annually on the last Wednesday of March. This event not only raised awareness about violence, but it also informed the campus community on what resources are available for students. 

The keynote speaker was Randi Bregman, executive director of Vera House. She had a common theme in her speech: if you see something, say something.

“When one person has that courage to speak up, there is a domino effect that happens,” Bregman said. “To the survivors, you are not alone. I believe you, and I see you.”

The evening started with a rally starting in Hendricks Chapel. After the rally,, attendees were given candles and signs to march across campus; ready to have their voices heard. 

“To be creating community and empowering others to speak up and get help”, TBTN Planning Committee Chair Emily Graham said Wednesday. “I just know how important community is in the process of healing.” 

Vicente Cuevas,Health Promotion Program Coordinator at the Barnes Center, said for TBTN to have an impact, it is important to have continuity. 

“With continuity comes power because behind that you build a foundation, and upon that foundation you build tradition,” Cuevas said. “Tradition is something that’s blindly followed; it’s something that has meaning behind it.”

The mission behind Take Back the Night is to see change not only at Syracuse University, but also across the globe.