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Wednesday, Mar 03, 2021 at 10:07 pm

The Battle of the Bubble Tea Restaurants

By Walker Simmons

SYRACUSE N.Y. – More and more vaccines are being distributed, allowing for new businesses to spring up in hopes of better business. Down on Marshall street just that is happening. Kung Fu Tea, a bubble tea location has opened up along the Marshall apartments. However, this has created a rivalry among this new location and Feng Cha Tea House, an older bubble tea location on Marshall street.

After discussing this with both owners at Kung Fu and Feng Cha, it became evident that Marshall street is not big enough for the two. Kung Fu Tea is a much stronger bubble tea which allows for better taste, according to Kung Fu Tea owner, Sue Jiang. Manager at Feng Cha Tea House, Ken Zhou thinks their bubble tea packs the better taste with their fresh fruit. 

Overall, after taste testing, I came to conclude this rivalry will have to be settled by the people of Syracuse. Both restaurants pride themselves on aspects of their business like food and certain dining options aside from the bubble tea. Yet, in the craft of bubble tea on Marshall street there can only be one winner in the battle of the bubble teas.