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Wednesday, Mar 30, 2022 at 11:31 pm

The Breakfast Club of Syracuse | News Live at 6

By Teagan Brown

SYRACUSE, N.Y— The Breakfast Club Syracuse has given almost $6,500 in tips to local restaurants including Mimi’s, Market Diner, Gem Diner, Nesticos Too and most recently “R” Diner. 

The group’s goal is to help these establishments recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, and they aren’t stopping any time soon, according to the group’s organizer Bud Loura. 

“They’re the hardest working people right now,” Loura said. “Restaurants got hit worse than anybody or any business during COVID, and any way we can give back is great.” 

The Breakfast Club Syracuse chooses one local restaurant every month, then they all get together to eat breakfast, usually having 15 to 20 people. Every person brings a 100 dollar bill and the whole amount goes to the restaurant. The cost of the meal gets covered, and the rest of the money is split between the staff. 

When the group visited “R” Diner on Saturday, staff members received about $1,600 in tips. . The group told the establishment’s owner, Robin Hilts, they were coming, but she kept it a surprise for the rest of the staff. 

“I took it all and I gave my sister the most of it,” she said. “Then everybody else that works here got 100 dollars and they’re all like ‘what the heck is this for?’ The Breakfast Club Syracuse.”

Since Robin’s sister served the group,she got a bigger tip, but everyone who was working got a share of the money . 

More information about the Breakfast Club Syracuse can be found on their Facebook page