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Saturday, Mar 31, 2018 at 12:48 am

Live at 6 | Friday, March 30th

CitrusTV Anchors Noah Eagle and Nicole DeMentri cover today’s top stories including Islamophobia talks in Eggers, the acquitting of the widow of the Pulse night club shooting, Palestinian protests, etc. CitrusTV Reporter Brendan Tierney breaks that Newhouse is looking to add new audio studios under Newhouse 2 and has plans made. CitrusTV Reporter James Groh tells us about a public document online for the school of architecture where people can anonymously post alleged sexual harassment claims in a non-legal document. CitrusTV Reporter Amber McElrath shows us the invention a Syracuse group made and will be taking to an entrepreneurship competition. CitrusTV Political Analyst Jack Watson explains the Mexican Elections. CitrusTV Weather Anchor Anna Azallion tells us how long the rain will last. CitrusTV Sports Anchor previews the Women’s Lacrosse game against Duke.